Parking Lot Expansion


$185,000.00 of $375,000.00
Green bar is the ELCA $25,000 match

Project timeline is from March to October

  • Engineering Fundraising for $11k March 1 (Complete)
  • Commit to the project engineer March 1 (Complete)
  • Engineering done April 21 (Complete)
  • Congregational Approval to Proceed May 14 (Complete)
  • Paving bids received May 22
  • Capital Campaign May 15 – June 15 (In Progress)
  • Loan Paperwork Submitted June
  • Permit May – July (In Progress)
  • Construction Begins August
  • Ground Freezes October 1

Parking Lot Improvement and Expansion Q&A

Why do we need a new parking lot?

Our first concern is for your safety: We need to re-grade and re-pave, remove trees that are damaging the parking surface and establish better drainage in order to provide a parking lot that is safe for walking, driving and is level for snow removal.

Our second concern is capacity. Our current parking lot restricts worship attendance, particularly among visitors. If there is nowhere readily available to park visitors will turn around and choose to go to breakfast instead! It is true many Sundays, and is certainly a reality whenever we have a large funeral or concert at Nativity. We have frequently used the Wood Lot for overflow parking but again it is not the safest option. The new design allows for an additional 50 -60 parking spaces. Increased capacity in parking is a necessity for growth.

How much will it cost?

We are fundraising for $375,000.00 to cover paying off the building’s mortgage, the contractor’s cost for paving work and all required permitting fees.
How will we finance the cost?

Through a three-year pledge campaign we will pay for 100% of the Nativity mortgage and parking lot improvements.

What will happen in the event that we cannot raise 100% of the cost?

In the event that we do not raise 100% of the cost, financing options are being explored. But, we have faith that the Spirit will move through this process and we won’t have to utilize those financing options.

Will trees be removed?

Yes, some trees will need to be removed to prevent damage to the new parking surface as the roots have done to our existing parking lot.  The trees that will be removed will be marked for all to see, and will be donated to the wood lot or replanted for reuse elsewhere on the property. Re-landscaping plans will likely include re-planting shrubs and plants that were removed for the new construction and possibly donations of any trees that will be needed. Landscape costs are not included in the parking lot cost. If you are interested in helping plan or perform the re-landscaping, please contact a member of the Vision Team.

Why are we giving land to the City of Bend?

In its application to the City for the parking lot improvement and expansion, the Vision Team learned that the city is planning an eventual roundabout at the corner of Brosterhous and Knott Rd. The roundabout is projected for sometime in the next 10 -15 years. The city is asking us to cede them 10 feet of Brosterhous Road and 20 feet on Knott Road for Right of Way (ROW) space to allow for this eventual roundabout. This is a normal part of any development project in the city. When the city is ready to start the road improvements we will likely need to move our main sign and two fences back toward the building. We may also lose 7 feet of the Food Forest. We were advised to apply for a “Revocable Permit” to allow us to keep our signs and fences in place until such a time as the city begins road improvements. If approved, this revocable permit will allow all of the improvements of the Food Forest, split rail fence, deer fence and church monument sign located in the dedication area to remain until such time as the city improves Knott Rd, something we all expect to be many years in the future. The bottom line is that we don’t expect any changes to our land for many years, but we must account for that distant future in our redevelopment plans.

What is the long-term vision for Nativity?

Our long-term vision is based on the listening season that our leaders conducted last summer.  It was clear that we all recognize the need for a larger, safer parking lot, and that we needed expanded ministry and fellowship spaces to continue in our mission to reach out to all God’s people.  We also heard the request to not go into enormous debt to make these dreams reality. That’s why the Vision Team intends to complete financing of the parking lot before we move into any future building expansion phase. Given that we expect the parking lot to take three years to pay for, major growth of our building is indeed a long-term vision.

Are we being short-sighted by only expanding our parking lot to prepare for Bend’s rapid growth?

The parking lot project is but the first in a series of long-term improvements we plan to make to our church. It’s clear that we want to grow without becoming a massive, institutional church on a huge, expensive campus. We heard your insistence that Nativity retain our intimacy and low debt load, even as we expand our mission to grow with Bend. We wondered together, and The Holy Spirit is moving and providing resources. There is exciting news about Nativity’s growth and mission on the way—the parking lot is not the end of the vision for Nativity. But it is an achievable project in line with the congregation’s goals. If it’s hard to feel passionate about a parking lot, please envision it as the first, necessary step on a judicious road to growth.

How can I help?

Please prayerfully consider any additional financial contribution to help with the parking lot project.

Your contributions above and beyond regular giving to our operational budget and mission work will allow Nativity Lutheran to grow sensibly without incurring unreasonable debt. If you choose not to give electronically, please clearly mark these special contributions as “Capital Campaign” or “Building Fund” or “Parking Lot.”