Parking Lot Expansion

Paving the Way to Growth!

Have you made your parking lot expansion pledge yet?

We are in the last weeks of our campaign drive to raise cash and pledges towards our goal of $375,000.00 for our new parking lot.  To date we have raised $138,000.00.  We have received donations and pledges from a little over  20% of the members of Nativity and we would very much appreciate contributions from ALL our members to keep our debt as small as possible.  Every amount, small or large, counts towards our goal!  You have received a letter with a pledge card and envelope in the mail – use that to make your pledge and send it in.  Or, you can find them in the narthex at the Paving the Way to Growth table.  Your contribution is so very much appreciated.

Please click here to donate or to learn more.

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